A Return to the Madness

A New Adventure

The group of explorers completed their quest to find out the meaning of the cards and to their dismay was surprised to walk away with no cards that will help in the next leg of the journey. Although, Tekel does remember that back at their home in Fallcrest the skulls that have been obtained are stored in a secret place within the tower.

The group decided to head towards Winterhaven to look for some horses for their journey back home to Fallcrest. As they entered the town, a caravan that was headed to Fallcrest was beginning to leave Winterhaven. As the group was looking around to purchase a few good horses to get them back to Fallcrest, the leader of the caravan asked if the battled hardened warriors of Fallcrest would accompany his caravan as guards. The leader explained that he would pay for a good escort. When the sound of money hit Eron’s ears he was definitely interested in the escort service to be provided back to Fallcrest.

Most of the group was walking along side the wagons to guard from any threat, while Tekel rested on some feed sacks in the back of a wagon. The leader of the group began to yell for help as they entered the forest ahead. Eron and the rest of the group ran to the front and easily killed the seven bandits that were trying to rob the caravan.

As the group entered Fallcrest the leader of the caravan paid the group their pay. The explorers went to the tower for some much needed rest before they headed out on their next journey.


Tekel Tekel

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